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scootersteve_sticker_05Who is ScooterSteve?

My real name is Steven Warriner. By day I am a South African based reality TV director. When I am not working I like to scooter, travel, hike and occasionally jog long distances.

My philosophy is #scooterfreedom

This is my outlet to share my love for adventure with whoever wants to read it.  Sometimes I write about scooters, sometimes not.  One thing for sure is I will try be as real as possible without being too offensive.

Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy my antics.

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Barcelona SS 2

It all began when I got married! (One Ten Eleven)

I have the coolest wife ever.  Not only did she buy me a blinging ring for our wedding, she also bought me a scooter.  A 150cc Gomoto Yesterday nicknamed, “The Dude!”

img_2182 sunlight-dude

1 October 2011 marked the start of our life together. I say “our” because the Dude is a partner in our adventures.  He’s an excuse to wake up early and discover the city. He takes us places we have never seen before.

Places only 2 wheels can go #scooterfreedom

Scooting is not about the speed.  The Dude tanks out at 80km/h (on a down hill!)  Scooting is like slow roasting lamb.  You have to be patient, but in the end the flavours will be worth it.

Here’s to my wife Marliese.  Going Places together.